French Bargain

For those who scour shelves in cold beer and wine stores in search of the ultimate recession-proof wine, here a priceless tip. Gotta try this  Chardonnay from the Pays d’Oc which brings a tag of 18.99 Cdn in some private wine shops. But rejoice, oh wine lovers, you canfrench_chard buy it for 12.99 at Everything Wine in North Vancouver (

What do you get for your buck? Besides a pretty, classic looking French label, you will drink a creamy, tongue coating Chardonnay. Those who think “nothing with oak” must try it for the management of oak in this Chard is very skillful, adding to the wine but not choking it.  Oak flavors are present but not overpowering the pineapple and lemony flavors in this tasty broth. The finish is long and sticky, almost like the sensation one has after eating almond ice cream.

The trip to North Van is worth and make sure you get a minimum of two bottles. You will come back for more.

Product: French Tom Chardonnay

Winery: Barton & Guestier

Origin: Pays d’Oc, France

Alcohol: 13.5%

Recommended?  Of course!

Price: 12.99-18.99 depending on where you buy it.


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