Equus Carmenere

equus carmenereA Carmenere with an atypical nose by Viña Haras de Pirque (viña, meaning vineyard, pronounced “veenya”). If the name of the product is indication of any quality, then they got it right, as this Carmenere, like a nervous equine, comes with a 15% alcohol kick. The wine is deep purple, inky. On the very pungent nose there is spice, red cherry, herbaceous tones and smoked bacon. Medium-plus body, vegetal and white pepper flavors accompany the dark fruit of the palate. Soft tannins and a finish with good persistence. I have tried other Carmenere varietal wines that are perfect to sip on their own, smooth and velvety. This one will surely be better appreciated with barbequed meats.

Alcohol Percentage: 15.0%

Product: Equus

Variety: Carmenere

Vintage: 2007

Winery: Viña Haras de Pirque

Origin: Chile

Alcohol: 15.0%

Price: 14.99 (Everything Wine)


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