Oysters, oysters, oysters

You love white wine? Then there is a good chance you love oysters. They go together, hand in hand. Wine is good for you, we all know that. But not everyone knows eating oysters is good for your health too. Great nutrition: Oysters are one of the best sources of a bunch of stuff that is good for you.

Besides tasting like…I was going to say heaven but actually they taste like the sea itself. Besides that, from a nutrition point of view, they are one of the best balanced of foods, containing protein, carbohydrates and fat. They also pack vitamins and essential minerals like iron, copper, iodine, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese and phosphorus. As such they are a great snack for the elderly, the infirm, the sexually insatiable, pregnant women and kids…if you can get them to eat the slimy stuff.

As we all know, oysters are the food of love, and from time immemorial people all over the world have celebrated their aphrodisiac qualities. I have celebrated them MANY times. And they taste so good… try them mid morning after you have partied late into the night drinking lots of wine (or whatever else it is that you drink when you party) Nothing will put you back in business as a half dozen oysters on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon or your favorite hot sauce. If you are not going to work you can then pair them with some good white, like Chablis or Sauvignon Blanc. Oh yummy. What am I doing writing? Its sunny out there and I am hungry. Don’t limit your choice of wines to those frenchies. Try some Oyster Bay or Ketu Bay from New Zealand. A made in BC Ehrenfelser may also compliment them well. Gray Monk makes a killer Ehren for 16 bucks.

And remember, unlike farmed salmon, farmed oysters should be welcome. Oyster farming is an old activity, so old that even the Romans practiced it. The French have been into it since the 18th century. Oysters, like other bivalves (mussels, clams) “clean” the seawater, as they filter it in search of microalgae and plankton which constitutes their diet. A lot of wild oyster populations have been decimated in our BC coasts as well as in many other places. Farming reduces the pressure on native stocks and provides employment in remote areas without polluting the ocean waters. What are you waiting for? Go grab your wife, lover, partner or friend with benefits, shuck a dozen –or two- and down them with your favorite white. The rest…you know what to do ; )




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2 Responses to “Oysters, oysters, oysters”

  1. Sandra Hamilton Says:

    Every oyster lover should experience the Pacific Kiss Oyster Platter. 12 Oysters, selected by the BC Oyster growers to showcase the variety of flavours currently produced in each of our growing regions, depth varieties and through our various farming techniques. The platter was available at Joe Fortes and Monk McQueens during the Olympics. For the month of March the Pacific Kiss platter is available for a side by side tasting tour of of the BC oyster growing regions at Locals Restaurant in the heart of the Comox Valley, Canada’s Oyster growing capital. Price is only $25.

  2. winecouver Says:

    Thanks for the info, Sandra. Do you guys serve Kumamotos?

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