How to Find your Wine in British Columbia

Looking for Bronzinelle? Or for any other wine in British Columbia? Go to the Liquor Distribution Board aka “Liquor Store” webpage. Since a reader asked about Bronzinelle, let’s say that is the wine you are looking for.

Click on PRODUCTS. You will see something like this:

Enter the name of your wine in the search box:

Click on the GO link. You can now see that your product “Bronzinelle” is available and have information on the country and region of origin, the vintage, the price and the SKU number.

Next click on the PRODUCT DETAILS link. You get a table with the regions in which this product is available. Let’s say you want to find a store in the LOWER MAINLAND. Click on that link.

Now you need to know how many stores are there and where in, let’s say, Burnaby, so you click on BURNABY

The table shows that there is a total of 72 bottles in Burnaby. Click on the BURNABY link to find out where are the stores located.

Voila! You have three choices. You are in North Burnaby but you don’t know where the store is located exactly. That’s when you click on the VIEW MAP link…

Wow! Now you just realized that the store that carries your wine is the one across the street from your home! Well, next time get off the couchputer and check the stores around your place! If you drink wine you must exercise to move those 150 calories per glass…

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Time to enjoy your Bronzinelle…


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