Vancouver Best Value Red

I dont get it yet. What is the connection between the picture of the bird in black and white on the label and the wine’s name? Lujuria means lust. Are birds gifted with some sexual overdrive I havent heard of? Whatever. At $9.99 this 2006 wine from the Yecla region of Spain, famous for its Monastrell grape, is the real deal. Monastrell, which in its own can be a bit too much on the nose and palate for its agressive pungency of liqorice, tobaccoeish, animal aromas and flavors is mellowed out with soft, silky Merlot, improving body and mouthfeel. I love it and so will you once you taste it. Available at LDB liquor stores. Oh, let me know what is the thing with  the lusty Lujuria, if you do get it.

Winegeek tip: Monastrell is called Mourvedre in France, Mataro in Australia


One Response to “Vancouver Best Value Red”

  1. joe corkscrew Says:

    i don’t have any insight into the relationship between the bird image and the title of the wine, but i did come across this neat bit of trivia:

    “…North Vancouver artist Melanie St. George had her art spotted at an Esplanade Starbucks and before long, it is on the label of Lujuria, an inexpensive Spanish red…”

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