Down with Snooth

It’s so FRUSTRATING. Have you ever searched for tasting notes to find that the first 5 Google hits are all Snooth? And then you click on the links only to come back to your search, disgusted by this encroaching monster of the web? Well, you are another one. Welcome to the club. Why I don’t like Snooth? Look at the pic above for my reasons.

One. Disgusting color scheme. Was this site designed by some color blind geek? That green reminds me of Linda Blair’s vomit in The Exorcist. Hard to spend time in front of the screen with that gall bladder hue. Yuck.

Two. Clutter. Just look at the site. It gives you vertigo.

Three. The “tasting notes” rarely have pictures. Instead they give you those ugly icons.

Four. I am sick and tired of going to Snooth when it looks like they have a wine review to find the “not yet rated” icon. Come on. If you dont have the tasting notes, take it out until you do. That is hogging.

Five. I don’t know about you but I’ve never found any tasting notes in Snooth that I could use either to pick a wine or to educate others.

Out of the way, Snooth. Leave the first hits to other more useful wine sites.

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