From Greece -cheap- with Love

Skeptical. Very skeptical. Not the only one, when it comes to Greek wines. Who hasn’t been to a Greek restaurant and tasted a caraffe of horrible, harsh red or pinesol sour white? Well, times change. There is the ODE blend of Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignon. There is the delicious white wine called Moschofilero by Boutari. Who would think that a 9.99 bottle of wine packaged in a coarse green glass bottle with a tacky label is any good? Gotta taste it to believe it. Nothing out of this world, for sure. But really, from the pretty yellow greenish shiny robe,  through the floral waxy nose, to the full creamy body, 2007 Makedonikos Tsantali delivers quality for the price. The finish is smooth and staying and the acidity convincing. On its own on the deck under a sunny sky, with kalamaria, with grilled octopus or Greek antipasti. Break your skepticism, enjoy this lovely wine from the land of great philosophers, democracy and spanakopita and save a couple dollars for your next bottle, you wine addict!


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