Best Clams Ever (Until the Next Recipe)

Clams are like butter: Everybody likes them. Best way to eat them -for me, anyway- is cooked in a pot, in a brothy, flavor driven sauce. Thousand versions out there, just check out your friendly google search engine. Today I felt like having some clams and this is how I made them. They were INCREDIBLE.

Grab 8 live manila clams and rinse well

Fine grate lemon zest, fresh ginger (1/3  teaspoonful each)

Chop 1/4 Thai red demon hot pepper (more or less, depending on your love for spicy heat)

One small shallot, chopped fine

Mix in bowl all ingredients above, except for clams.

Heat a bit of vegetable oil and melt 1/2 spoonful butter in it

Add blended ingredients and cook on medium, medium low until shallots are opaque

Add half an ounce white wine and an ounce fish stock (in lieu of it, water will do but then you need to further reduce the broth)

When broth doesn’t smell of wine any more throw in clams and increase temperature, cover

One and a half to two minutes, check that clams are open or cook another half minute

Turn heat off

Let sit for two minutes

Serve clams + broth in a bowl, sprinkle with finely chopped Italian parsley (flat, not curly) and a squirt or two of lemon juice

Have some slices of nice, fresh french baguette waiting

Dip said baguette in broth

Scoop broth, take to mouth

Grab clam, eat

Repeat process until there’s nothing left in the bowl

It shouldn’t take too long

I had it with Italian Catarrato

You could do Catarrato, Orvieto, Sauvignon-Semillon, or other white wine with moderate acidity and firm flavor, to stand up to the solid flavors and texture of the broth

This is just enough for one person

If you want to impress your friends, double, triple or quadruple the amounts

Buen Provecho!

ps. Clams are mostly sustainably harvested or farmed, they provide lots of micronutrients your body crave and their nervous system is rather limited, so their capacity to experience pain is a lot smaller than say, cows, chickens, fish or crab.


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