Say NO to Farmed Salmon

Sea lice infestations are one of the consequences of salmon farms in BC

We all love seafood, fish, shellfish and so on. The problem is, our love for seafood is destroying entire marine and riverine ecosystems. We are not talking small change here. Trawlers have destroyed ocean floors on areas of inimaginable size in every continent. Pirate fishing fleets scour the oceans, international waters and destroy not only the fish species they target, but on their haste to make a quick fortune they kill innumerable seabirds, turtles and all kinds of creatures captured as bycatch. On the other front, fish farming, which could be an alternative to natural stocks, can also be a curse. Salmon farming for instance, has very negative consequences on both, the ecosystems in places like British Columbia and Chile AND on the fisheries of poor nations. This is because in order to feed the penned salmon, astronomical amounts of school fish must be caught elsewhere. Usually elsewhere is poorer nations that need to sell whatever resource they have in order to keep their heads above the water. All the anchovy, sardine and other small fish that are used to make fishmeal to feed salmon (chicken and turkeys too, for that matter) is caught in the seas of countries like Peru. Farmed salmon consumption is objectionable from every point of view. It doesnt provide “much needed jobs” in remote areas; in fact, it provides only a few jobs. We contribute massive amounts of tax dollars; our governments should see that those dollars create sustainable jobs in those remote areas instead of sending soldiers to kill Afghans in some war in which Canada has nothing to do. That costs billions. Just to mention one misuse of our tax dollars. Back to the subject of interest. Salmon farming only benefits a few huge companies at the cost of destroying bays and possibly being one of the main causes for the collapse of the wild salmon stocks. We are taking fish away from the table of a poor Peruvian or African kid to feed expensive salmon that not everyone can afford in Canada. Or in the USA. Or anywhere. Farmed salmon should be out of your shopping list. So should Chilean Sea Bass. Monkfish. Skate. And a hundred more. The world’s fisheries are in real, actual trouble. This is not science fiction, just check your United Nations FAO fisheries status online documents to understand what is going on.


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2 Responses to “Say NO to Farmed Salmon”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Yep. Saw a fingerling just like the one in the picture once when I was kayaking in Clayoquot sound. Had at least 3 big sea lice on it. It was still alive, so I pulled them off, but it was in bad shape and undoubtedly died.

  2. Vee Campbell Says:

    I think I’m giving up on fish as part of my diet. I already knew farmed fish was a terrible idea.

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