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Budget Syrah from San Juan

January 15, 2011

What a great finding! Although I bought this Syrah in Lima, I am sure it is available in Vancouver, as most Argentinean wines I have seen in Peru are sold also in the True North, Strong and Free. This wine isn’t free, although its price is as close as it gets to that dream. 6 US dollars in Lima should translate into 8 or 9 dollars in British Columbia.

Ok, to the wine. The Colon Syrah is made in the Tulum Valley, in San Juan, arguably the best area for this grape in the whole of Argentina. What do you get? A remarkable nose brimming with warm red fruit and spice tones followed by the same plus good pepper and a suprisingly firm finish for a wine at this price. Medium bodied, fine tannins and elegant, this is a confirmation of the suitability of San Juan’s terroir for one of the best loved grapes used in winemaking.