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In Praise of Greek Love and Wine.

April 30, 2010

She was young, she was curvy, extremely so. Her hair was straight like Obama‘s foreign policy, jet black, a crow’s plumage. Birds I love when they are quiet, because when they quack in the early morning I wish I had my Iver Johnson .22 caliber at hand. She was lovely and her parents were Greek. She was Greek inside out except for the fact that she was Canadian, just like, er, me, with the difference that I am from Peru and she was born in some hole-in-the-ground town somewhere in that desolate expanse of flat land between Winnipeg and Regina. She had been raised there by strict parents, especially when it came to racial purity and all that jazz. I met her travelling on a Westbound Blackhound bus. I was coming back from a disastrous amorous (mis)adventure in Ottawa. She was a fresh new student eager to see the ponderous architecture of Simon Fraser University. Our destinies converged. So did our lips, in the dark of the bus driving under a million stars of the prairie sky.

In the middle of our kiss I felt something hard between her legs, long and cilindric. Holy cow, I thought. She has a penis. I knew it. I could  not possibly be so lucky to hit the jackpot of beauty youth and Greek sensuality after having been ejected by a combination of bad luck, poor choices and the stern Baptist dogma that my ex from Ottawa had used to shield herself from my loving advances. Ok, loving and something else. But Im human, after all. So, back to the subject of interest. A penis! I had been picked up by a little transvesti. What the hell is that, Gina? (that was her first. No last names over the net. Suffice to say it ended in stenikanapopopolous) She was too naive to understand my alarm. After all, I was 24 years old(er).

With a mischievous smirk she went “shashhh” and produced a small bottle of wine. I brought my farewell dinner leftovers and I poured half a bottle of Agiorgitiko in this demi. WHAAAT? At the time I was completely ignorant of any wine other than Yellowbum and Jackson Thrills. Giorgio who? I demanded. Agiorgitiko, she repeated, taste it. She put the bottle to my lips. In the dark I gulped a bit. It was wonderful. Then she produced some lamb roasted meat from her bag. I had a morsel. I chewed. I took another sip. It was miraculous.

My romance didn’t last too long. Once in Vancouver, Gina realized that there were a lot more attractive young men than the older guy she had met riding buses across Canada and said goodbye to me. But she left me something a lot better than these sweet memories.

The red in the penis-demi-bouteille turned out to be the ODE, a blend of  Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignon made by Greek wine powerhouse Boutari. It’s delicious and possibly the best Greek I’ve had so far. Only that when I drink it makes me feel like crying. For when I close my eyes and take my nose to the glass, I can feel the gentle hum of the bus’ engine, remember the darkness of the cabin, our secret kiss, endless, interminable, like the finish of a good wine.

Go get your bottle (just around 20) and when you drink it and enjoy it think of me.


(sounds good, whatever the hell that means)