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“Argentina will be the new Australia”

November 16, 2009

Opinion article published by Argentinean wine siteivanvino Area del Vino

The author of the note is Peruvian and is a wine consultant working in the retail sector in British Columbia. This gives us a glimpse of the Canadian plaza and predicts a bright future for Argentine wines.

A FEW WEEKS AGO, an importing agent told me “Argentina will be the new Australia”, while at Argentina’s Everything Wine section, the largest wine  store in Vancouver . His statement left me wondering if his prediction was feasible. I also raised other questions as to what actions are needed to obtain an Argentine wine market share similar to that of Australia, with its Shiraz and Chardonnays have captured nine percent of the domestic market and the first imported wines in British Columbia .

Australia, innovative and aggressive

By the early nineties, Vancouver liquor stores displaying a few products from Australia, led by its signature wine, the Shiraz. Today, a decade and a half later find Australian wines is nothing but the rule when you visit a liquor store, the chain is state or private LDB.

The image of Australia as a nation quality winery was established largely through an aggressive international marketing. The workhorse of the industry is the southern line of wines Yellowtail budget. The use of Australian wildlife on the labels, which exhibit strong colors, some traditional wines, to promote its Shiraz and Chardonnay, strong market stalled. Not only Yellowtail Shiraz varietal has positioned itself as strongly in the minds of consumers, but opened the door for a real invasion of varietal wines and Australian cuts. Australia is now owner of budget wine segment in BC. To compete in that market, Argentine wines will be promoted as quality and distinctive alternatives.

Positioning signature varietal

Argentina’s industry requires a marketing effort for the consumer’s mind in BC, Malbec is synonymous with Argentine wine. Australia and Chile have aggressive and savvy industries, so no doubt will develop their own Malbec (Malbec Montes and offers to 15.99), by challenging that space to Argentina. The industry must take a “preemptive strike” and print the concept Argentina-Malbec in the psyche of the consumer rather than Australia or Chile Malbecs place their own market.

Image Positioning

Argentine wines are another important aspect that Market. The packaging of wine has reached a high level in Argentina, to the point that many products are beautiful as objects. Similarly, label design highlights the sophisticated taste of the culture of Argentina. Maintaining that aesthetic quality is essential for the positioning of Argentine wine, and providing psychological elements associated with elegance, sophistication, in addition to the actual quality of the broth. Similarly, the image of Argentine wine should be hung from the strong imprint of Argentina as a country brand, with distinctive and unique icons, like Maradona, Evita, the Tango and Patagonia.

Continuous quality improvement

Despite the global recession, experts agree that wine consumption will not suffer a serious setback. It is considered rather than the consumer will choose wines better value for money or to consume wine at home rather than in a restaurant. Argentine wines under $ 20 must maintain a high quality to fight in this highly competitive space.

Niche Markets

The industry must identify niche markets can be satisfied. An important niche in wine is organic or eco-friendly “. Argentina must use concepts like “natural purity” of the Andes as the centerpiece of that effort. Regions like Patagonia are already positioned as exotic lands, ecologically pristine. Sell organic wines with geographical delineations as this can help to capture large segments of that niche.

Premium wines

Argentina’s industry must not neglect the niche of premium wines (High End Wines). The Canadian market grew by 10% in value and 6% in volume during 2005 to 6.6 billion CND. In contrast to other international markets, this growth was largely driven by high-end wines.

The Asian Factor

Almost half of British Columbia’s population is of Asian origin. Chinese restaurants, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese and Thais are at each corner and are favorites of Asian and non-Asian population. The Argentine wine should be promoted according to weddings, not only with roasts and steaks, but with Asian and fusion food.


BC’s consumer is very curious and seeking information. Besides coverage, Argentina’s industry should provide fresh information through websites. These should be available in English. Pages as the Wines of Argentina are important and efforts should be the rule rather than the exception.

Beyond advertising

It is a fact that media coverage has much more credibility than the most expensive advertising campaign. It is important to create events and news of interest to newspapers and magazines in BC. The tasting events are particularly effective because media people are invited to produce articles for local newspapers, emphasizing not only the quality of the wines but also providing information regarding the country of production and supply, thus reinforcing the positioning Argentina – Malbec wine.

Will the next Argentina Australia in British Columbia? Much of that destiny can be realized if the industry takes the lead.

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