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Wrongo Dongo, Wrongo Wine Marketing

September 11, 2009

There are thousands of new ideas on how to attract the attention of customers wrongo_dongoto a particular wine. Some are brilliant, some work, some don’t. Wrongo Dongo, a decent Monastrell from Jumilla, Spain, falls in the last category.

The color scheme for the label and skirt showcase a very bright yellow. A bit in the Yellowtail style, which was very successful in its moment but that was over a decade ago. Also, the face depicted on the label is rather disturbing. It seems obvious that the creator of the label wanted it to look funny but it is rather strange, the face of a man who looks crazy or a bit distressed. Not what you want to get from drinking a glass of wine. But the worst blunder here is the name. If the idea was to strike a witty note for English speaking customers, the tactic backfired. Wrongo suggests wrong, and wrong has a very negative connotation which is hard to twist and reshape. No wonder this Monastrell languishes on the shelves.