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A Perfect Sushi Wine

April 17, 2010

Wine to pair with Sushi? Well, that is the 100 million dollar question. When I first tasted Torrontes I thought the varietal was a serious candidate. Of course, Sushi is such a wide umbrella term that is rather simplistic to say “this wine pairs with Sushi.” But some wines get closer to the job than others. Torrontes, with its ripe apricot palate and floral and spice aromas, definitely qualifies for the job. But its bubbly incarnation, the Deseado Torrontes, is really the wine that stands up to the challenge. Sweetness matched by incisive acidity, fruity and muscaty, Deseado meets the diversity of flavors accompanying a set of rolls, nigiri and oily tempura snacks. Available in Vancouver for 22-26 dollars, this is the ultimate Sushi wine. Gochiso Sama!

ps. while you eat your sustainably fished albacore tuna, the bluefin tuna species, perhaps the most majestic animal in the oceans is being caught to extinction by greedy northamerican and japanese fishmongers. let’s put a  stop to it! write a letter to your MP and demand Canada supports a total ban on bluefin tuna fishing


Deseado, Sparkling Torrontes

May 26, 2009

Deseado, Sparkling Torrontes

Looking for a crisp, lively sparkling for the warm season? Don’t look any further. Deseado sparkling Torrontes has fruit, character and is a lot of fun. An intense nose of apricot and ripe grapefruit, follows with a creamy body with citrus and pineapple. For those who “never drink sweet wine”, this one may change your mind, as the vibrant acidity more than balances the sweetness. The finish is very long with lemon zest, mineral notes and white peach. Deseado is Spanish for “the one you wish for” and for sure this wine honors its name.

Product: Deseado, sparkling wine

Variety: Torrontes

Vintage: 2008

Winery: Familia Schroeder

Origin: Patagonia, Argentina

Alcohol: 10%

Sweetness: 03

Price: 25.99 (Everything Wine)