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Dessimis Pinot Grigio: Not Business as Usual

June 9, 2009

A sixty-one dollar bottle is not everyone’s idea of a Pinot Grigio to cool down these late spring warm Dessimis-PinotGrigio
afternoons. Not mine, that’s for sure. In fact, this wine was offered to me at a blind tasting, and my first reaction was “E-W! cheap oaky chard”. It was oaky indeed, very much so. Very thick, almost syrupy, by Italian Pinot Grigio standards. The more I drank however, the more I was attracted to this deep colored broth (again, by Grigio standards). Deep lemon, almost gold, with tremendous legs, witness to a whopping 14% alcohol, high level not just by Grigio standards. On the nose, the oaky whiff overwhelmed everything at first impression. Then, suddenly, a high note of fruit -ripe peach- hit a spot on my nose and stood there, hanging, unwavering, until a bit of tropical fruit took over. The body was foreseeable full, and more tropical fruit appeared, together with lemony touches. The finish was long, very long, even compared to other white grape varieties that normally outplay Pinot Grigio on this quality. Should I say that it greatly improved after an hour or so? Should you get together with two or three others and buy a bottle, just for the sake of it? (meaning, wine). Most definitely. Those pesky Italians know well what they’re doing. Cheers.

Product: Dessimis

Variety: Pinot Grigio

Vintage: 2006

Winery: Vie di Romans

Origin: Friuli Isonzo DOC, Italy

Alcohol: 14.0%

Price: 60.99 (Everything Wine