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Argentina Wine Regions: San Juan

April 17, 2010

The forbidding landscape of San Juan, to the North and East of Mendoza, is home to wines of ever improving quality. Its valleys have names that seem to echo the towering Andes mountains in which they are nested. Tulum, Zonda, Calingasta, Pedernal, are locations that are becoming synonymous with excellent wine. This is high mountain country: Altitudes go from 650 meters at Tulum all the way to 1,400 meters in the Calingasta Valley. Fierce winds can sometimes cause trouble in the vineyards, preventing fruit set.   Syrah is the black grape that seems to benefit the most from the region’s scorching heat, high altitude solar radiation and mercilessly infertile soils. San Juan Syrah presents a dark robe, an aggressive, aromatic –floral- nose and fleshy, robust body. Malbec, Bonarda, Tannat and Chardonnay also thrive in these conditions, rendering delicious wines of distinctive character.

With its cool nights, wide thermal amplitude and pristine irrigation waters from ice capped peaks, San Juan is poised to become Argentina’s next wine darling.

In Vancouver, the offer of wines from San Juan is still very narrow. The few we have, more than satisfy.

Las Moras. I have reviewed this impressive line of products in a previous post. Terrific quality for the money. $16-25

Xumek. Both the Malbec Syrah ($40) blend and the straight Syrah ($26) are both available in Vancouver and are both solid, powerful wines. The Xumek Malbec ($21.99) is available at LDB Liquor Stores. Check out the previous post “how to find your wines in BC”

Don Domenico. This award winning winery offers excellent Syrah (16-22), Bonarda ($32), Cabernet Franc ($22) and Tempranillo ($32). These products come from sustainably managed vineyards.

ps. Photo: Wines of Argentina

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Bonarda, the other red grape from Argentina

May 27, 2009

Although not well known in British Columbia, Bonarda is one of the most widely planted red grapes in the land bonarda don domenicoof Che Guevara. Traditionally used for blending, today some wineries are producing very interesting varietal wines. Don Domenico’s rendition, grown and vinified in northerly San Juan, has a pretty ruby red color, with purple tones. Aromas of dark fruit, almost like prune juice, herbaceous, earth minerality precede a medium body with red fruit and slightly angular tannins. The finish has good length, with red fruit, peppery spice and a vegetal streak.

Product: Bonarda

Variety: Bonarda

Vintage: 2005

Winery: Don Domenico

Origin: San Juan, Argentina

Alcohol: 14.4%

Price: 26.99 (

Don Domenico, Syrah

May 26, 2009

Don Domenico brings another delicious wine to its selection available in British Columbia. This Syrah from Huanacache, Northern Argentina, has a surprising floral nose, with fresh lavender, red fruit and spice. Deep ruby in color, it has a medium-plus body tha is soft, with red fruit and good acidity. The finish is long, with mint tones.

Product: Don Domenico

Variety: Syrah

Vintage: 2007

Winery: Don Domenico

Origin: San Juan, Northern Argentina

Alcohol: 14%

Price: 19.99 (Everything Wine)

El Escondido, Tempranillo from Argentina

April 18, 2009

El Escondido TempranilloFor those who thought Tempranillo can only come from the land of bullfighting, Franco and Flamenco, this Argentinean broth, a gleaming ruby red that gives off a field of strawberries and other red berries that I do not dare utter. You get the idea. Or you don’t. Medium+ juicy body with the palate splashed with the aforementioned fruits  (both the allowed and the forbidden) followed by a very long expansive finish. Lovely at 26.99, pair with a chorizo laden seafood paella or just on its own, a powerful sip. Salud!

Product: El Escondido (the hidden one)

Variety: Tempranillo

Winery: Don Domenico

Vintage: 2005

Origin: San Juan, Argentina

Alcohol: 14.3%

Agent: Patagonia Imports

Recommended? Highly